Frederic Magnien Nuits-Saint-Georges Vieilles Vignes Organic 2015 750mL

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Geographic description

There are two potential origins to the name Nuits-Saint-Georges. The first is said to have come from Nux, meaning "nut" in Latin. The other is said to be Nuithon, a barbarian tribe associated with the Burgundy people. In 1680, Louis 14th, suffering from a digestive disorder, was advised by his doctor to drink a glass of Nuits-Saint-Georges every day. The appellation extends over 175 hectares and produces wines with good structure that age extremely well.

Geological description

The vines of this parcel are more than 50 years. The soils are from gravel to silt down from the Côte and the alluvium of the valley of Meuzin.

Food & Wine Agreement

A delight to accompany meats.