30th Sep 2022

The New Saito, Leading A New Trend

Refined, approachable, and high-quality, the core trio of Saito sakes aren’t just delicious and easy-drinking, they also offer impressive value for money. If you’re a sake aficionado or have been curious to learn more about this revered Japanese alcoholic beverage, Saito is an ideal brand to enjoy. 


The Saito Sake is imported from Japan by the Asiaeuro Group, it’s actually their very own brand! They collaborated with a well-established brewery in Kyoto, resurrected an old, long-silent brand name, and after countless hours of tasting, refining, and balancing the sake’s overall flavour profile and character, created Saito. The sake is brewed in Fushimi, in the southern part of Kyoto, where the underground water source has a perfect balance of potassium and magnesium, and is also iron-free – the ideal composition for producing sake. Kyoto’s climate (and especially its renowned Sokobie cold winters) create the perfect conditions for brewing one of the best sakes in Japan, creating Saito’s signature smooth, clean taste and its crisp, layered character. The name is particularly evocative, too: Sai means ‘colourful, vibrant, and beautiful,’ and To means ‘capital city’ (as Kyoto was once the capital of Japan), so together, Saito becomes a ‘beautiful city’ that people can imagine in their mind’s eye.


The renew on labels first launch in Malaysia & Singapore. the Asiaeuro’s Group CEO, Jonathan Chow explains to the media, “With these new labels, we aim to modernize our brand image and capture a new audience through a younger and more modern look,” Jonathan explained. “At the same time, though, Saito remains relatable to all our supporters gained over the past years. With the designs of each new label, we have been bolder with the illustrations to highlight the specialities of Japan, like seasonal changes, koi fish, Japanese temple structure, and more, to be more colourful and striking.”


Sake Saito Dry Karakuchi – The Karakuchi is a refreshing, dry sake that is light-bodied with little added distilled alcohol and a moderate, slightly floral aroma. Suggested pairings: Goes well with Tempura, Yakitori, and Teppanyaki.

Sake Saito Junmai – The Saito Junmai features a slightly heavier taste of rice compared to the Karakuchi. The Junmai is medium-bodied with pronounced fruity green apple aroma, a lovely mouthfeel, and a bit of an acidic finish. Suggested pairings: Pairs fantastically with ramen and other soup-based Asian foods.

Sake Saito Junmai Daiginjo – The most premium sake. It features a complex fruity aroma, such as fresh pears, apricots, and green apple, and has a much richer flavour and a gentle, clean finish. Daiginjo is made from Yamadanishiki rice (the most suitable for brewing sake). Suggested pairings: Enjoy it with sashimi, sushi, and other delicately flavoured food.

Everyone has their own way to enjoy the Saito Sake. No matter serving at chilled, or even warmed; you can casually have a bottle with dinner and thoroughly enjoy it, or you can do a deep dive into the intricacies of its history and production and develop a real passion to support that enjoyment. 

P.S. The Saito new packaging are now available in Malaysia & Singapore only. For Hong Kong market, the current packaging will be remained.