Baron Fuente Grande Reserve Brut 750mL

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Blend : 30 % Chardonnay - 60 % Meunier - 10 % Pinot Noir

The Baron-Fuenté family has worked the vineyards for over three centuries in the tradition of Champagne. This cuvee is made in the very best style that could be produced from the magnificent CHARLY-SUR-MARNE area and the region’s riverbanks.

A pale yellow colour and a bouquet of apple, peach and pear. In the mouth, the wine is balanced and interlaced with vinous aromas and fruit, supported by a good structure

Best served with:
Pleasing, round, fruity and finally honeyed, this blend is an excellent aperitif and occasion Champagne. It could be served with oysters or with smoked salmon. The Extra Brut Grande Reserve is ideal as an aperitif for connoisseurs, who can appreciate the pure quality of the Grande Réserve.