Baron Fuente Galipettes (Organic) 750mL

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Blend : 50 % Chardonnay – 25% Meunier – 25% Pinot Noir

This “terroir” Champagne is made with grape from organic vines of the 2002 harvest. It’s very evocative name comes from two different origins: “Galipes” in Champagne slang means vine. As we have a limited production for this champagne, we have chosen to name it “Galipettes”. We let you guess the second (and more frivolous) origin of this name…

Golden hue champagne with a fruity bouquet. The palate is fresh and complex with lingering aromas. The structure is well-balanced with fruity aromas and notes of toasted bread and crumb.

Best served with:
This champagne full of life will be ideal for festive occasions; it brings joy to all special moments. It’s a real piece of life.