About Us

Asiaeuro International Beverage (AIB) is a joint venture wines & spirits company with its business operations spread across China, Hong Kong and Macau. AIB is formed by THAIBEV’s wholly owned subsidiary - International Beverage Holdings ( China) Limited (IBHL) and Asia Group Corporate Limited (AGC) in 2018. AIB has two operating entities - Asiaeuro International Beverage (Guangdong) Co. Ltd (AIB GD) in mainland China and Asiaeuro International Beverage (Hong Kong) Limited (AIB HK) in Hong Kong with both entities focus on importation, marketing, sales and distribution of international wines and spirits brands.

Asiseuro International Beverage (Guangdong) Co. Ltd (AIB GD) having its full-fledged warehouse operation in Tangxia, Dongguan is primarily focus on distribution, sales and marketing with extensive distribution network across mainland China. AIB GD also owns a fully integrated visitor centre with a cognac and whisky heritage centre, coffee roasting, dining house and an 8 rooms all-suited guesthouse.

Asiaeuro International Beverage (Hong Kong) Limited (AIB HK) operation in Hong Kong is primarily focus on distribution, sales and marketing for its domestic business in Hong Kong and travel retail (duty free) business in Greater China.